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Welcome to the Ontario School Council Support Centre

"Helping educators, parents and the community work better together for student success"


Heroes in our midst
Is our PIC working?
The Leadership Opportunity for School Councils.
Modernizing School Board Governance
The Joy of Fundraising
Events Can Build Engagement
One Small Step, One Giant Leap Forward
Investing in School, Family and Community Partnerships
Collaboration - The Next Frontier
Parent Involvement - A Core Educational Resource in Ontario
New Research Supports a Strong Focus on Volunteerism
New Research on School Councils and Parental Involvement
Update on the Parent Voice in Education Project
The Leadership Opportunity for School Councils.
Political Pressures?  Where should you put your time and effort?
Different kind of parents.  Different kinds of Parental Involvement.
Character Education - The Case for Parental Involvement.
The Five Stages of School Council Development
Training and Development.  The Key to Advancing the School Council System
The End of the Year - Capturing Lessons about what worked, and what didn't
School Councils - After Nine Years
Ontario's School Councils.  Leading them forward to have an impact on student learning

This is an independent, non-political resource for School Councils, dedicated to advancing the effectiveness of the School Council system in Ontario.  

This Support Centre is designed for:

...who have an interest in creating a highly effective school council - one that is functioning efficiently and focused on improving student learning.  

It is a place where the practical reality of School Councils, and the latest educational research come together to provide direction, advice and support for your School Council.

There are free resources available on this site for viewing and downloading, and for sharing with other school council members.

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